2012 Line-up

Main Stage – “Laissez lez bons temps Rouler” – Let the good times Roll

Enjoy the sounds of non- stop music from Louisiana’s Cajun, Zydeco, Jazz, Country and Brass Bands. Also, there’s plenty of space for you to dance the day and night away.


Keith Frank and The Soileau Zydeco Band

KEITH FRANK literally has zydeco flowing through his blood.  Hailing from a family of Creole musicians with a lineage going back to the 19th century, there was little doubt about path he would eventually follow.  His innate musical talent, combined with the lessons of his father, uncle, and the legends of Zydeco who preceded him, have all come together to help him become one of the preeminent musicians in the genre today.

Had things worked out differently, Keith might not have ever realized his potential for music.  For a while, he split his focus between pursuing an electronics technology degree and doing music on the weekends.  However, upon attaining his degree, he returned his focus solely to music, and formed his own band, with his sister Jennifer on bass, and his brother Brad on drum backing him.

A multi-talented self-taught musician, Mr. Frank is adept at playing accordion, drums, bass, guitar, scrubboard, keyboards, piano, and even the harmonica.  A natural showman, his four-hour, non-stop shows have become legendary.  He can be found out on the road every weekend, whether it be in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas, performing across the country, or even bringing his own brand of Zydeco to fans internationally.

Several years ago, after having released CDs under various labels, Keith started his own label, Soulwood Records, and built his own studio.  In the short time that it has been open, the studio has been used by many artists, both in Zydeco and other forms of music.

The band is currently touring in support of their latest CD, LOVED. FEARED. RESPECTED., which is the followup to UNDISPUTED, which was one of the most well-received Zydeco CDs of the last few years, having become a favorite on radio and on the Zydeco circuit.


Horace Trahan and the Ossun Express

Horace Trahan, the maker of the hit single, “That Butt Thing,” is a world renowned Cajun and Zydeco artist, respected for his ability to pull the hell out of an accordion and belt out vocals that will give you chills. Having over-stepped boundaries and bypassed the stereotypes of naysayers, this native of Ossun, Louisiana, has made a huge and highly anticipated comeback on the music scene!

At 15, Horace wanted to learn to play the accordion. His father brought him to Felix Richard, a strong accordionist and first cousin who lived in Cankton, LA. Horace was a natural and booked his first gig within six months of learning to play.

Horace was very comfortable in a musical setting, as he had purchased his first guitar at the age of 12 and had also begun playing the saxophone in the fifth grade. It was when he combined his angelic-pitched voice with the skills he honed on a Crown single row accordion, which the musical magic began. Horace was sixteen years old when he began singing Cajun music in French and in English. Not long after making his mark on bass drum in the marching band at Carencro High School and graduating, Horace hit the road and began touring with D.L. Menard. The road schedules would take the talented 18-year old musician to New York, Boston, Chicago, Canada, France, California, and the summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Two years later, in 1996, Horace and D.L. Menard recorded a CD on Swallow Records. During this time, at the age of 20, Horace also released his first CD entitled, “Ossun Blues,” for the same label.

Horace’s music took root quickly, and he formed a band called, The Ossun Express. The band consisted of an accordion, fiddle, guitar, bass, drums, and sometimes a triangle. This version of The Ossun Express never recorded, but played many local venues and festivals, making a name for the group. In the year 2000, Horace revamped his band with all new members, and they were called The New Ossun Express. It was at this time that Horace recorded his second album entitled, “Get On Board,” on the Zydeco Hound label. In 2001 they followed up with his third and final album on the same label, entitled “Reach Out and Touch a Hand,” which was later renamed by its new owner, Fred Charlie, as “That Butt Thing,” for the title song.

Having thoroughly learned the business of owning the music that you write and create, Horace’s fourth CD release, “Keep Walking,” is being released under his own publishing company. Horace has a complete love for music and always has. This explains his pure talent and ever versatile creativity. With musical influences ranging from Iry LeJeune, Aldus Roger, Lawrence Walker, Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr., George Jones, to Wayne Toups, John Delafose, Boozoo Chavis, Beau Jacque, Clifton Chenier, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan, there is no stopping Horace Trahan from expressing himself in any facet of music!



Brandon Ledet and the Creole Touch

Steeped in good times and great Zydeco music , Brandon Ledet has been an underground Creole\ Zydeco Accordionist for quite some time playing at house parties, jam sessions, and the MARDI GRAS Chicken runs in Southwest Louisiana such as Iowa and Soileau; and has now come out with his own band, The Creole Touch.

Born and Raised in the rural confines of Southwest Louisiana. He grew up listening to the Creole language being spoken and seeing Zydeco music performed, whether it be at church bazaars, festivals, family reunions or just sitting at his grandparents home on Saturday morning; listening to the radio, Zydeco music was there. One of his fondest memories is that of his grandfather, a Scrubboard and Harmonica player. Brandon said “When I was about 4 of 5, he would tell me it’s time to dance.” “I would run and go get my shoes and put em’ on and he would play along with his scrubboard to the Zydeco on the radio and I would start showing him dance moves, that was fun!” Zydeco has stuck with me since those times. It was those memories with my grandfather and other elders that inspired me to play Zydeco music, including the Creole Language and to be one of the proud bearers of the Music Legacy of Louisiana Creole Culture.

Be sure to check out Brandon Ledet and The Creole Touch at The Taste of Louisiana Festival because he will definitely show you “Where the Zydeco at!”


Brass-a-Holics “Gogo Funk” Brass Band

In the year 2010, a brand new sound was born. The Brass-A-Holics Band and the Go-go Brass Funk genre joined the ranks of the time honored traditions, culture and music that have come out of the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The ensemble contains the core New Orleans brass elements - trumpet, trombone, saxophone and sousaphone, but also adds a full drum set, percussion, keyboard, and an electric guitar for a unique sound that is transcending the traditional world of brass band music. A Brass-A-Holics live show is a singular experience. Where else can you hear the influences of Miles Davis, Nirvana, John Coltrane, Wham, Cyndi Lauper, Kanye West, and Louis Armstrong all in one set?

The band was conceived by renowned trombonist Winston Turner, whose roots stem from the St. Augustine High School Marching 100, the Southern University Human Jukebox, The Pinstripes Brass Band, and The Soul Rebels Brass Band. He created the "Go-go Brass Funk" genre by merging the unrivaled New Orleans brass sound with Washington, DC's funky Go-go groove and topping off this instrumental gumbo with a personal touch of keys and strings. This uniquely diverse band consists of 8 members: Winston Turner, Tannon Williams, Matt Clark, Jason "Slick" Slack, Keiko Komaki, Robin Clabby, Rickey Caesar, and Dwayne Muhammad. Although there are differences in culture, style, and swagger within this band, the members of the Brass-A-Holics collectively bring to you a unique sound that is unparalleled to anything you have ever heard!

Be warned that this sound is a powerful substance, both addictive and intoxicating. It is guaranteed that you will find yourself partying under the influence and addicted to the Brass-A-Holic sound!


Damon Troy & Final Five


Damon Troy is an established artist who has four CD’s released to date, the fifth released late 2011. Damon began his dream in music at the tender age of 7yrs old and has many success' under his belt including but not limited to hitting the R & R Charts with his recording hit "Rest Your Love" off the album What's Next . Damon currently plays seven instruments, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Fiddle, Piano, Steel Guitar, & the Accordion, which is his primary. His talent & achievements have taken him all over the world creating life long memories that he will forever hold dear.



Bryan Fontenot

Standing in the circle of the Grand Ole Opry or among friends, Bryan Fontenot, energizes an audience like no other. Country, Rock, Blues, or Western Swing, he brings his best every time he steps to the microphone. This ex bull-rider, loves entertaining the crowd!
To meet Bryan, off stage, you might not sense the gift of music, which lies in the heart and soul of this polite and unassuming cowboy, or the obstacles he has overcome in life. He underwent 13 hours of reconstructive surgery, after a bull took a dislike to him, lost his Mom during Hurricane Rita, a brother to tragic death, and just recently his Dad. No doubt the journey has tempered his music with blues and soulful authenticity that comes only with experience. Bryan's heart-felt vocals personify the body and soul of music and lyric. He's believable. Each song is like having a one-on- one conversation with a friend. I've known and performed with Bryan for 17 years now. Through the good and the bad times he's never lost his love for his craft. I've seen him perform for huge paychecks, and for tips. I never could tell the difference. He's focused on the music, all of the time. His blood type is B flat.






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